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4 Signs It’s Time For Home Health Care

Are you starting to become concerned for the well-being of an aging loved one? Maybe your dad had a bad fall after reaching for something on the top shelf in the kitchen. Or perhaps your grandmother is having a hard time remembering to take her medication on time.

Home health care in Chesterfield is an excellent option for older adults who need assistance with day-to-day activities but want to remain in their house. These caregivers provide an affordable alternative to retirement homes and offer seniors the personalized attention that they need. Here are some signs that your loved one could benefit from personal caregiving.

  1. Poor Hygiene

If you notice that your loved one hasn’t been showering or is having difficulties with basic grooming tasks, home health care in Macomb may be the best solution. Changes in personal grooming can often be attributed to mobility issues, depression, or mild cognitive impairments that make it difficult for seniors to follow a regular hygiene routine. Caregivers can provide assistance with grooming and hygiene routines to make sure clients stay healthy and confident.

  1. Changes in Housekeeping

Did you walk into your mother’s normally neat home only to find that it was covered in dust? Limited mobility, low energy levels, and memory issues can all make chores difficult for older adults to complete tasks each day. Your loved one might not want to ask for help or might not even notice that anything is amiss.

A benefit of home health care in Macomb is that caregivers can also provide assistance with housekeeping tasks. This ensures that your loved one is able to continue living in their own clean, safe house or apartment.

  1. Increased Forgetfulness

Though occasional forgetfulness is common in older adults, memory loss is not a normal sign of aging. If your loved one is prone to forgetting directions to familiar places, or consistently missing their medication doses, they could be putting their safety at risk. A caregiver will be able to accompany them on errands, remind them about taking medication, and ensure that they get to appointments on time.

  1. Not Taking Medication

Sometimes patients will stop following their doctor’s instructions when it comes to taking medication or following a health plan. This is often because they feel better, dislike the medication’s side effects, or can’t remember when it needs to be taken.

This can lead to recurring health issues or other complications, making home health care in Chesterfield crucial. Senior caregivers will remind clients of their medication schedule and make sure that the proper instructions and dosages are followed each time.

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