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Common Questions Around Private Duty Home Care

You may have many questions when considering home care for yourself or your loved ones. Here are several common questions about these services.

How Is It Different Than Other Services?

This type of service focuses around helping seniors with their everyday activities. This can include completing chores, cooking, running errands, and assisting with grooming or personal hygiene. Whether the task is buying groceries or driving to a doctor’s appointment in Chesterfield, private duty home care will provide assistance.

In most cases, this service is paid for privately by an individual. These caregivers provide a wider range of services, many of which are considered to be non-medical. In comparison, health services that are prescribed by a doctor are usually covered by Medicare or an insurance provider.

What Happens During Absences?

It is important when considering an agency to enquire about what happens in the event that an attendant can’t make it in. Reasons for this absence could range from sickness to family emergencies to a sudden problem with transportation. Life happens and it’s good to be prepared on both sides to prevent future conflicts.

Does the company have plenty of extra staff to cover these situations? Are there family members or friends that could offer help on certain days or times? Planning ahead will create peace of mind and avoid stress being put on the senior if and when this occurs.

What Training is Provided?

This may differ from agency to agency, but caregivers should have some sort of consistency in how they are trained and how the quality of service is measured. Of course, this will also depend on what services are offered by each aide, but it is worthwhile to find out. At least in the beginning, this will be a complete stranger entering into an elderly person’s home. And to ensure maximum comfort and ease in transition, everyone should be aware of the caregiver’s qualifications and if they partake in continuing education. This builds both trust and confidence which is helpful at the start.

Is there an Interview Process?

Yes, an interview process is important for several reasons. Like any job, it is good to know the person’s qualifications and past experiences. But this introduction is especially relevant so the individual receiving help has the chance to see if their personalities match as well. The two will be spending lots of time together and one of the biggest — and best — outcomes of private duty home care in Macomb is the friendship that forms during this time.

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