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How Involvement and Independence Affects Health

One of the largest obstacles in a senior’s life is accepting help and adjusting to a changing lifestyle. Once a Chesterfield skilled home health care aide has been introduced into the home to care after a senior, the main focus is usually which tasks, worries, or responsibilities are to be passed on. However, it could be beneficial for the senior to participate in certain activities if their health allows for it.

Striking this balance between completing a task alone or involving the patient where appropriate can have multiple benefits including a much better quality of life for the elderly. By staying physically, mentally, and/or emotionally involved in an activity or task, research has shown that the person’s cognitive function and relative well-being can improve.

Encouraging a greater amount of interaction during daily minute tasks could be as small as asking for their opinions when making shopping lists or for advice on how best to make an omelette. Making relevant conversation during these tasks will make the individual feel more helpful and involved in the process.

Puzzles of any kind are a great way to pass time, exercise the mind, be independent, and provide a casual way to make conversation. These puzzles could be crosswords, sudokus, word searches, or jigsaws. Board games could be fun as well and introduce a bit of competition to switch up a routine and add variety.

Hobbies in general are also a great way to boost morale and encourage independence. This could be a personal project or goal of the patient to work towards. It can range from painting to dancing to writing. Whatever it is, it’s a way for the person to feel more in control of their life and indulge in things they enjoy.

During any of these activities, patience on both sides of the senior and caregiver is essential. Not only is this important in maintaining a great relationship, but it will make it easier for the person to stick with this busier lifestyle for longer and help prevent quitting.

The connection between participation and general well-being is a valuable concept to keep in mind. Such simple ideas can make a big difference in a person’s life when they are receiving skilled care from a home health care in Macomb.

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