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How to Prepare for Home Care

Once you have considered the benefits of home care and whether it is right for a loved one, there will still be a few things to sort out such as hiring the right aide. This could take a little to a lot of time because a health aide needs to be well-suited for different needs and personalities as they are not only there for health services but also for companionship.

As most home care services in Chesterfield will try to make this hiring and set-up process as easy as possible, there may be some things worth doing before the first visit to make for a smoother transition.

Make Lists

Don’t be shy about making lists of what tasks are expected to be completed or non-health services to be provided such as general housekeeping, cooking, chores, etc. Of course this will depend on the type of plan you will have arranged and discussed with the company. But if tasks will change day-to-day, these lists will help to clarify things on both sides and prevent misunderstandings.

Bathroom Safety

Often, bathrooms can be offered as an area of privacy (if someone is physically able) but can be quite hazardous. Luckily there are a few adjustments that can be made to make life a whole lot easier and safer. An anti-scald device can easily be installed on showers and faucets in the bathtub or sink to eliminate the chance for accidental burns. Bars can be installed on the sides of the bathtub that can be used for support and an anti-slip mat for the floor of the bath. If you are open to larger renovations, a walk-in tub would be an even safer option.

Contact List

Write or print out a full contact list and post it somewhere visible and near a phone. This will give both the attendant and your loved one easy and quick access to important contact numbers should an emergency happen. The aide will already have access to these numbers but this will make for even quicker and more efficient action should something happen.

Begin Gradually

Starting home care for the first time can feel overwhelming and cause disruptions to a loved one’s regular habits, routines, and overall lifestyle. If the situation allows for it, it can be beneficial to introduce this new service slowly and gradually. Begin with having a caregiver come in once or twice a week to complete simple tasks of short durations such as light cleaning or driving the patient to a doctor’s appointment. This is a good way to ease everyone into these changes more comfortably.

With these simple preparations, it will make anyone new to home care in Macomb feel more comfortable and happy during the transition.

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