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How to Stay Mentally Sharp in Old Age

It is common for your mental health to decline as you get older. Some people’s brains deteriorate to the point where they eventually need to invest in the best skilled home health care in Chesterfield or Macomb has to offer. However, there are certain things you can do to help your brain stay really sharp well into your 80s and 90s and beyond! Below are some tips to help you do that.

Eat a Healthy Diet

People who eat loads of vegetables and healthy food and stay away from fatty foods are thought to have a lower risk for mental health problems. A decent diet can help you reduce cholesterol and blood pressure problems, heart disease and stroke. All of these problems are believed to increase the risk of dementia.

Don’t Smoke or Drink in Excess

Smoking and drinking alcohol also puts you at increased risk of dementia, so it’s best to quit these habits or, at the very worst, only engage in them moderately.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is believed to help keep blood flow to the brain. This will reduce your risk of high blood pressure, which is associated with dementia.

Stimulate Your Brain

The Alzheimer’s Association determined in a study that less educated people are at higher risk of dementia. The same study determined that keeping your brain active and educated throughout your life will keep your brain sharp well into your older years.

You can do this by learning new skills or engaging hobbies that challenge your mind. Painting, sculpting or a musical instrument are all good idea for older people. Perhaps you could write your autobiography or teach people the main skill you picked up in your younger years. Engaging in such activities is believed to activate brain activity that helps maintain individual cells and stimulate communication among them. Even socializing on a regular basis has been shown to be good for long-term mental health. Many people choose to work beyond their retirement age because of the social value and mental stimulation it brings. Working beyond retirement age might sound like your idea of a nightmare, but it’s probably a better time than needing to make use of the skilled home health care Macomb has to offer.

Make Use of All Your Senses

Studies have shown that making use of all your sense can help keep your brain mentally sharp, so try to challenge all your sense when you engage in unfamiliar activities. Perhaps attempt to guess all the ingredients as you smell and taste a meal you haven’t eaten before. Engage in a new type of art with your hands. Pottery is good for noticing the smell and feel of the materials you’re using.


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