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Maintaining a Social Life for Seniors

Once settling into home care and a daily routine, it may be a good idea to start planning activities that will not only get seniors outside in Chesterfield to enjoy some fresh air and exercise, but to socialize as well.

A common and unfortunate occurrence of getting older can be increased isolation, which is often detrimental to an individual’s emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. Elderly people who have regular and active social networks and support tend to show better signs of aging, including better overall mental and physical functioning and a decrease in the development of disabilities and other medical conditions.

Socializing while being active combines two important needs into one. This could include walking, swimming, dancing, hiking, yoga, etc. Doing these activities with a friend can provide extra motivation and make what could be a strenuous task seem easier if there was some lively conversation to go with it.

If someone desires a more relaxing way to make new friends or catch up with current ones, there’s still plenty to do. Meeting for a morning coffee or tea in a local cafe is an awesome idea. Besides being a great place to catch up with a friend, cafes are usually bustling at certain times of the day which can make an individual feel more connected with society. People-watching can be entertaining in itself as well!

Other relaxing social activities could include knitting, working on a puzzle together, and playing cards. Strategy games like chess or checkers are fun and exercise the mind. Hobbies can bring people together through mutual interests, and things like gardening can be a fun project to share with a friend.

Social events are better if the person wants a more energetic time. Bingo or a quiz night at a local center can be fun and when complete with prizes, a valuable way to spend some free time. Playing board games or going to the cinema (depending on the game or the movie) can get seniors buzzing and active conversation flowing. Seeing a tourist attraction could be an interesting and entertaining thing to do and many of which offer discounted rates for seniors.

In Macomb, there are endless options for things to do with a friend while receiving home care. If a senior’s health doesn’t permit them to spend much time outside their place, most of the above activities can be done inside or slightly adjusted to do at home. But having good company is key.

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