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Understanding Medicare

Health insurance is a necessary part of life because maintaining your health is essential to guaranteeing the best quality of life possible. As you age, more and more health issues can begin to present themselves. When you get older, there are certain programs and insurances that are set up just for you and your peers of that 65 and over age group, like Medicare.

Medicare is a national social insurance program that is ran and overseen by the United States federal government. It was established in 1966 to help take care of the aging and disabled population of the United States. It consists of private insurance companies that are contracted by the government to handle the medical needs of this population of American citizens.

This type of insurance doesn’t cover everyone. It is insurance for Americans age 65 and over and younger people with certain long-term disabilities. It also covers people with renal disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The medical costs of this population are not completely covered by Medicare but it will cover about half of their costs. Medicare can be quite confusing and has four different parts to it.

  • Medicare part A is coverage for hospital and hospice stays. This part includes coverage for a semi-private room, food, and necessary diagnostic tests.
  • Medicare part B is like a general medical insurance. This part is the biggest part. It helps to cover things like chiropractic services, outpatient physician appointments, home health care in Chesterfield, diagnostic tests, and chemotherapy. It will also cover mobility equipment like canes, wheelchairs, and prosthetics.
  • Medicare part C is also known as Medicare Advantage Plan and it is a supplemental plan to help cover things that parts A and B don’t cover. It’s a little added help which can really be a big help with the cost of health care these days.
  • Medicare part D is for medications. Many people require important medications to manage their health. It covers partial costs of self-administered medications that you get prescribed by your doctor.

Medicare is accepted at most major health care providers but it can be a very confusing system. There are great professionals that can help walk you through the process of applying for and getting all the coverage that you can. Even though getting old may be difficult, your Medicare can really help with a lot of different things. It helps with everything from MRIs to an agency for home health care in Macomb. There are also other programs out there that can help you cover expenses you can’t really afford.

Maintaining your quality of life is important and good health is crucial in making sure that you can live the best life you possibly can.

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