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Why Do Older People Fall Over – And What Can You Do To Help Them?

As a baby we fall over hundreds of times as we learn to walk, and it’s rare for us to sustain a serious injury, although that’s usually because we have our parents looking out for us. As an adult, it’s far rarer for us to fall over but even when we do, it’s unlikely that any serious injuries will be sustained.

Yet, when we become elderly, our propensity to fall returns, only this time the threat of a serious injury is very real.

This is the reason why so many older people in Macomb and Chesterfield have to go to a care home or invest in the home health care in Chesterfield or Macomb.

Here, we explore why older people are more likely to fall and get seriously injured from it.

Falling is a Sign of Poor Physical Health

As we get older, we lose our strength to the point where it becomes tougher to resist against things that make us lose our balance. A slight nudge or bumping into a piece of furniture is more likely to knock us over, as we’re less likely to have the physical strength required to keep our balance. This is not the only health condition that makes us more likely to fall.

Why Falls are More Likely to Hurt Older People

One in five falls among older people causes a bad injury such as a broken bone or concussion, according to The Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Older people have weaker muscles and bones and this is the reason why that falls are more likely to injure them. Their bones are more susceptible to breaking or dislocating after a fall because they are more brittle.

Another reason why older people are more likely to injure themselves after falling is that some don’t have the reaction speed to protect themselves with their arms as they’re falling. It means they’re more likely to hit their head or land in a fashion where they could do serious damage to their bodies.

This creates a fear of falling which can seriously affect their quality of life, making them less likely to enjoy being active.

What Can Older People do to Prevent Being Injured by a Fall?

Most doctors will be able to suggests methods that can reduce the risk of a fall, if they are able to diagnose the reasons why older people are falling over. They’ll may also suggest home-proofing methods to reduce the odds of an injury.

Those who do invest in the home health care in Macomb and Chesterfield will receive support in doing things around the house to move around as freely as they once could.

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