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4 Fun things to do with your senior parents to keep them active and healthy

We all know that health is wealth and this is even of the essence when we get older. As we grow older, we need to stay physically active as one of the things that contribute to better overall health. If you have senior parents, you need to persuade them to keep on moving because that will help them prolong their motor skills, keep them fit, and let them stay healthy. However, some parents grow lazy and they just want to sit down and watch TV. Therefore, it can get tricky to persuade them to move, but it can be done with the right activities. Here are some fun activities that don’t look like a workout but can be effective in helping your senior parents stay active and healthy.

  1. Walk in the park

Bring your kids and your senior parents to the park and walk around the area with them. If your kids are already walking, let them play chase with your parents. This way, they won’t notice that you are getting them to work out because they are simply having fun bonding with their grandchildren. You can also ask them to pick up your kids if they can because that can be some sort of light weightlifting that they can do in addition to the cardio that they just did after chasing them.

  1. Arrange family fun sports day

Turn the workout you want your senior parents to do into something competitive like an inter-family bowling competition. On the weekends, head out to the bowling alley and strike out pins with your parents. You can also do other sports if they are not into bowling. However, make sure that they are allowed to do any low impact sports before engaging your parents into doing these physical activities. You can check with your skilled nursing care attendant before engaging in any activities in Chesterfield.

  1. Tai-chi in the park

A great way to help your parents improve their flexibility and release any cramped muscle is to do tai-chi, a popular Chinese martial arts known for self-defense. There may be clubs that hold free tai-chi classes in the park. You and your parents should join these classes because aside from improving your flexibility, it can also help release tension and stress. If you’re engaging skilled nursing care services in Macomb, you can even ask that the caregiver to attend as well.

  1. Go to the supermarket

This is a neat trick to get your senior parents moving because they will hardly notice it. When you head out to the supermarket, ask them to go with you. Walking around the large aisles in the supermarket is a good workout in itself. While doing that, shopping in the supermarket can also be therapeutic for most people.

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