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Home Nursing Care and Alzheimer’s Disease

There are certain illnesses and diseases that have a scary future for the patient. The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease can be a huge blow to a person and their family. This is the type of disease that puts a time limit on people’s lives and can change the course of a family’s path in life. This diagnosis can be very scary but those with it are great candidates for receiving home nursing care in their Chesterfield home.

Alzheimer’s is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that starts out with a couple of small, not so noticeable, symptoms. This disease can have a serious progression that can take the mental functions of the patient. This diagnosis is what causes many of the diagnosed cases of dementia. It can only be diagnosed through serious cognitive tests and medical brain imaging tests.

It can turn a person into someone that they wouldn’t normally be. The symptoms include short-term memory loss, serious language issues, disorientation, and mood swings. It can also cause serious behavioral issues like depression and violence and will eventually deteriorate the bodily functions of the patient.

This illness can cause serious accidents and close calls in the patient’s life. It has caused major car accidents that have resulted in the loss of life. Some patients even get lost and disoriented and they don’t know where they are or what the date is. There are even instances where patients forget their family members’ names are do not recognize them all together. All that anyone can do is to treat the symptoms.

These types of patients are great candidates to have home nursing care from a Macomb agency. It is a given that they will need care but the degree of that care will change over the course of the disease. This type of assistance can really help them to maintain as much quality of life as possible. This can help them be able to maintain their independence for as long as it is possible, as long as they are not putting themselves in danger by staying at home.

Although it may be scary, there are things that can be done. No one is really sure what the causes of the disease is other than the educated assumption that it is probably genetic, but they are not really sure. Research for a cure and new medications are being done every day, all around the world. We can do the best we can and hope that they will find a cure soon so that no one, or their family, has to go through the torture which is Alzheimer’s disease.

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