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Qualities Every Home Health Aide Should Have

In-house health aides are an important part of many seniors’ lives. These professionals are tasked with the emotional and physical health of their clients, serving as both a nurse and companion for many. For this reason, compatibility and patience are just as important as having the proper credentials.

Whether you’re a caregiver that wants to provide better home nursing care in Chesterfield, or you’re seeking support for yourself, there are a few qualities that every professional should have.


Seniors and loved ones that are seeking out a personal health aide or nurse should request to see a list of the candidate’s certifications and educational history. Seek out someone who has at least the state’s minimum licensing requirements, as well as at least five years of experience.

As a caregiver, you should consistently seek out opportunities to continue your education. This includes receiving additional training in specialized areas like memory loss support or receiving refresher courses on medical procedures.


It’s important that a caregiver’s experience lines up with the needs of his or her patient. This is particularly important for seniors that have a preexisting medical condition that requires specialized attention. The needs of an older adult with Alzheimer’s disease will most likely differ from someone who requires meal planning and household management.

Attention to Detail

When major changes occur to health or cognitive functioning, nurses need to notice right away. It’s important that caregivers pay attention to even the smallest details, since this can make a major difference in a senior’s wellbeing. This includes taking note of any major memory lapses, mysterious bruises, and changes in appetite.


Caregivers are often the people that seniors see the most, making timeliness and reliability crucial qualities. As a caregiver, make sure that you always arrive on time on the days that you’re expected. For seniors or loved ones that are seeking out home nursing care in Macomb, make sure to cross-check references from past employers.


As someone tasked with the health and needs of others, nurses and patients should have personalities that mesh well together. They should be quick to provide assistance or alleviate discomfort, providing a helpful hand or ear whenever it’s required. Above everything else, seek out a caregiver that is both professional and nurturing.


When seeking out home nursing care in Chesterfield, talk to your prospective professional about scheduling requirements. If you need someone who is available at a moment’s notice, be upfront with that during the initial screening. You should also discuss the everyday tasks that are expected to be performed each day. The best caregivers are flexible and open to performing most tasks that fall within their training capabilities.

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