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Ways to Stay Mobile During Home Care

As you begin the transition into home nursing care in Chesterfield, it is easy to slip into a routine that doesn’t involve much exercise or regular movement. If the patient is physically able, this can be an important thing to keep in mind.

Although there are plenty of luxuries and activities that come with an increased amount of time spent inside the home, a constant lack of exercise and time spent outside can cause someone to feel lonely and disconnected from the rest of the world. It is a habit that’s not hard to form as other priorities tend to take up most of a person’s attention during these times.

A decrease in muscle strength is natural with aging but a large factor in this loss of strength is actually due to a more sedentary lifestyle which is adopted by many as they get older. Keeping physically active (to a level the person feels comfortable and safe with) can help lower chances of falling, heart disease, osteoporosis, and other health problems.

Make sure to always check with a doctor for suggestions and advice before participating in physical activities. When receiving nursing care at home, it is important to also communicate with the aide before doing any exercises as they can offer assistance where possible and when necessary.

Some Exercises to Consider:

Aerobic – This could be anything to get the heart pumping. It could be walking, swimming, dancing, biking, tai chi, pilates, etc. Everyone is different so the range of difficulty and type of activity will be specific to a person’s health and fitness level. Keep in mind, there are also exercises one can do while sitting or lying down.

Strength Training and Resistance – Working with weights, elastic bands, and doing medicine ball exercises can help with building muscle. Isometric exercises involve no movement at all as muscles are tensed and released.

Stretching – This will help with flexibility. It is best done after a workout or a hot bath when muscles are warm. Look into both static and dynamic stretching as one involves lengthening a group of muscles through steady holds and the other through movement, respectively.

In order to stay motivated, it’s best to pick activities that the patient will enjoy. As anyone tries to live a more active lifestyle, no matter what age, positivity and encouragement will make the process easier. If possible, having like-minded individuals around will provide some support and extra motivation if needed.

Macomb is packed full of options for staying physically active while receiving home nursing care. Again, make sure exercises are always chosen according to the needs and limits of the individual and a doctor is always consulted beforehand.

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